Learn to Write more Concise

Ernest Hemingway is a writer from the twentieth-century know for his short and declarative writing style. Hemingwayapp.com is a free online tool that analyses your text according to this style. It also runs the Automated Readability Index algorithm. This makes it a perfect tool to write concise, short and easy to understand texts.


Hemingway makes your writing bold and clear. It’s like a spellchecker, but for style. It makes sure that your reader will focus on your message, not your prose. Too often, our words are like our thoughts — innumerable and disorganized. Almost any bit of writing could use some cutting. Less is more, etc.

I almost always copy-paste my writings into the tool to check and revisit some redundant parts and too long sentences. An average adult reads around the 10th grade. All development language often doesn’t have a good influence on your grade, but at least you are aware of the difficulty of your text.