Sculpin Syntax

Sculpin Syntax Highlighting

You're all programmers, right? And you're writing code snippets on your Sculpin powered blog? Yeah. So you want some highlighting with your static site generation? Here you go!

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And Then There Was Textile Support

Textile support was added on November 26th, 2012. Markdown is great, but so is choice. More converters for all!


Found out about Balrog today! It looks like a really nice micro static site generator. Maybe Sculpin and Balrog can be friends?

Symfony Live Hacking Day!

Fun times at the Symfony Live San Francisco 2012 Hacking Day! Code was hacked and pizza was had. Some pics of the conference are available on the Sensio Labs Facebook page.

Happy Birthday Sculpin!

The first commit to the Sculpin repository was made on December 20th, 2011. What a trip since then!